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つぶやき BLOG

 2013年8月25日 マリアン・フェスティバル   F.J.    2013/9/27(金)
The 4th Marian Festival 第4回マリアン・フェスティバル

The Marian Festival is an annual gathering of the faithful mostly Filipinos to celebrate our faith and culture through spiritual and cultural activities through the inspiration of our Blessed Mother Mary. The 4th Marian Festival was held at the Fukushi Kaikan in Moroyama shi, Saitama ken on August 25, 2013. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Hail Mary, Handmaid of the Word, Service and Faith”. It started with a Marian procession at 9:30 a.m. and followed with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. After lunch break, the different cultural presentations of the different Filipino communities in the diocese and Japanese Taiko performers followed. Within the Holy Mass, some prayers were said in Tagalog, English, Japanese and Vietnamese languages. The festival ended at 3:30 p.m.

There were about 450 people of different nationalities who attended the festival. This is an annual gathering of the faithful in Saitama Diocese, mostly Filipinos. The Saitama Filipino Community is the host of the 4th annual gathering. The previous hosts were Ibaraki, Gunma and Tochigi Filipino communities. The money collected from the charity raffle draws were channeled to the different organizations of the diocese. This year’s beneficiary of the charity raffle draws are the Balik-buhay Foundation based in Quezon City, Philippines, the future construction of the Urawa Cathedral and the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines. Balik-buhay Foundation is an organization established by Open House several years ago. The members of this group are former migrant workers who worked in Japan but are now in the Philippines. The returning migrant workers are being assisted through spiritual formation and re-integration into the Philippine society. The Franciscans are assisting the foundation.

Next year’s Marian Festival will be held in Ibaraki ken.


 2013年3月12日 OH半日黙想会   S.F.    2013/3/29(金)

Staff and lay collaborators of the Saitama Pastoral Center gathered last March 12 for a half-day Lenten Prayer. Always on the go attending to the pastoral needs of migrants from different countries and likewise to individual cases, this time, the gathering was to take time out to pray together and bring before God their experiences of having been “sent on mission” in the “vineyard” of Saitama Diocese.

The theme focused on “Violence and Faith”. VIOLENCE experienced in many forms by the many women, men, children as reported to the Center and the complexities involved in the process of helping them. VIOLENCE experienced in the past by each staff and lay collaborator too and the truth that one likewise has a tendency to inflict violence consciously or unconsciously or in subtle ways to others too.

FAITH, as many times, one seems helpless like Mary before the “Foot of the Cross.” Powerful symbols were laid before the group and each one chose one which strikes her/him deeply. After individual reflection and prayer there was small group sharing followed by spontaneous prayer petitions. The retreat ended with the famous song inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, “Lord Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace”.

 2012年11月25日 フィリピン・ミニ・コングレス   S.F.    2012/12/7(金)

Last November 25, the first ever gathering of Filipino Communities of Ibaraki Prefecture was held in Joso Catholic Church. The theme of the one day event was: KNOW YOUR DIOCESE AND ITS EIGHT PRIORITIES. The objective was to empower them to be united in discovering the pastoral needs of their communities so as to carry out a 3 year program drawn from the guidelines outlined by the Diocese.
The gathering was facilitated by the Filipino Pastoral Team of the Open House. The Opening Prayer was led by Fr. Ross de la Cruz, SS.CC. Sr. Eva Rago, FMA gave an input on the “Church and the Diocesan Structure”. Sr. Flor Florece, F.I. introduced the “Open House” and explained its objectives and services. Fr. Jack Serate, OFM expounded on the Mission Statement, Basic Principles behind the Eight Priorities and with great humor and down-to-earth examples, the Priority Issues. Sr. Rose Remigio, F.I. facilitated the day.
In the afternoon the participants grouped into their respective parishes to choose 2-3 priorities they would like to focus on given their actual needs and realities. Around 50 leaders attended representing Tsukuba, Joso, Mito, Kashima, Toride and Shimodate. Four Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary parish priests came to manifest their support. Likewise some Japanese leaders.
The day ended with a festive Eucharistic Celebration, being the Solemnity of Christ the King. Before the mass, Sr. Flor introduced the YEAR OF FAITH and pointed out that the Priorities are actually one way to help them deepen our faith in the context of a multi-cultural church and become more authentic witness specially in a non-Christian society.

Joso Catholic Church(常総教会にて)

 ベトナム旧正月のお祝い   S.M.    2013/3/6(水)





 常総教会のシヌログ祭   Sr.Rose    2013/2/13(水)
常総教会では、毎年1月27日に、「サント・ニーニョ」(プラグの聖なる御子)を祝うシヌログ祭を行なっています。この祭りの中心は、ミサとミサに続く色々なグループのダンスによるサント・ニーニョのパレードです。 シヌログ祭 ” はフィリピンのセブ島で毎年1月に祝われる祭りです。セブ島は、500年以上前に、マゼランに率いられた兵士やアウグスチノ会の宣教者たちからキリスト教をフィリピンで最初に受け入れた島です。スペイン人から部族の首長フマボン王とフアナ女王に聖なる御子イエスの御像が贈られ、その後、その部族の人々皆が洗礼を受けました。
1月27日には、茨城県各地から、シヌログ・ダンスを踊るために、色とりどりなドレスをまとった沢山のグループが常総教会にやって来ました。そして午後には、手作りのフィリピン料理、飲み物やおやつ、聖品の販売、 子どものゲームやラッフルの抽選なども、楽しく行なわれました。このイベントを行なうために奉仕してくださった方々、遠くから参加してくださった方々、また寛大にこのイベントのために協力してくださった常総教会の方々に心から感謝しております。


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